About Us


Heavylist is an online business directory of small businesses and local business services in India, where the users are given information about products/services, that are needed every day or occasionally. Heavylist provides search results for users of local or products services grouped by home, lifestyle and personal needs and where users' needs are understood in detail.

We integrate technology and small businesses and the platform provides accurate details to product /service providers, meeting users' needs with a single click.

Our service provides addresses and contact details of business facilities throughout India, which identifies small businesses and introduces to users and form a customer base. Heavylist classifies business information from various sellers to help users obtain the location and address of the shop.


Feature seller's product or service as the best solution to user's search query. Getting the product or service description in front of potential customers so that they can be introduced to small businesses houses, as an available solution.

Heavylist promotes a new product or service by simply placing the product description in an online directory. We cruise seller’s business in the highly competitive market to get the full potential of a product.


Attract customers to the online business directory and keep a number of satisfied users and excellent customer service performed by their own verification team. Introduce each product with a good description to create a directory of different sellers on the same platform.

We are on the road to transforming a technology-driven business platform into an easy and transparent market for sellers and customers. Expand service partners across India and increase the user base to ten lakh users.


We create a successful business profile for sellers and provide high quality information about products or services, are provided with users and follow industry best practices. Our 'Free Business Listing' feature is designed to help small businesses reach their potential.


Wosoft is a technology-driven company led by professionals providing digital experiences for branding products/services and getting the attention of users. Our company designs business campaigns that are born from a simple idea to create the business journey of a brand to success.